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Glasurit 568-46 CV Steel Primer Paste

Glasurit 568-46 CV Steel Primer Paste


  • Suitable for large areas / surfaces
  • Can be applied directly on steel or galvanized steel
  • Tintable
  • good coverage of shot blasted profile
  • brilliant top coat appearance
  • improves the hiding power
Efficiency Made in Germany

Glasurit 568-46 CV Steel Primer Paste

Glasurit CV Steel Primer Paste, 2-layer system. 568-46 can be used in combination with top coats of the line 68 as a tinted primer in the mixing ratio 70:30 in the 2-layer process. In addition, it can be processed as a DTM topcoat (directly on metal) in a 1-layer process in the mixing ratio of 50:50 with series 68 topcoats. 568-46 ensures good corrosion protection and good adhesion on all steel substrates.

Glasurit 568-46 CV Steel Primer Paste

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