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Glasurit 285-38 Non-Sanding Fille white

Glasurit 285-38 Non-Sanding Fille white


  • No sanding and no drying times
  • Very safe to spray
  • Good finish
  • good weathering resistance
Efficiency Made in Germany

Glasurit 285-38 Non-Sanding Fille white

Glasurit has further revolutionized its wet-on-wet filler concept so that you can achieve perfect results more quickly and economically at your bodyshop. With the new concept, you can now even dispense with sanding new e-coated parts. Leave the sanding paper in the supply cupboard and also save valuable labour time – up to 15% per part! In addition, the new filler concept constitutes an entire package for nearly all substrates – even plastics. The new 522-10 Plastic Additive ensures that the wet-on-wet filler now also adheres to plastic parts. This means that you no longer need to use adhesion promoters and other special products at your bodyshop. Even better, you will also cut labour time by up to 25%. Simply use the plastic additive instead of using reducer. It’s as easy as that! The entire package consists of Glasurit Non-Sanding Fillers 285-31 grey, 285-38 white and 285-49 black, as well as 522-10 Plastic Additive. The new wet-on-wet filler concept ensures the same perfect results as the former one, but saves substantially more material and labour time. In this way, Glasurit is continually providing new products that help you stay ahead of the game. It goes without saying that the new wet-on-wet fillers also function as a grey shade concept. A grey shade coordinated with the colour of the basecoat allows you to save up to 40% basecoat! 

Glasurit 285-38 Non-Sanding Fille white
Application notes
  • Time savings of up to 30% compared to the application of a sanding filler
  • No sanding and no drying times
  • High-quality result

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