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Glasurit 285-0 Transparent Sealer CV

Glasurit 285-0 Transparent Sealer CV


  • Tintable
  • Brilliant top coat appearance
  • Fast drying
Efficiency Made in Germany

Glasurit 285-0 Transparent Sealer CV

Optimum performance – cost-effective and quick
Glasurit 285-0 VOC Transparent Sealer rounds off the Glasurit VOC-compliant undercoat material portfolio. It was specially developed as an adhesion promoter for sign-writing, and delivers excellent results as an adhesion promoter on new and old paintwork. As a sealer it offers considerably improved cover of sanding scratches and can be used on e-coats and old well-cured paintwork. Relatively small body filler spots can also be covered. Furthermore, the product offers greater efficiency, since only one or two spraycoats have to be applied. All Glasurit topcoat lines can be used as topcoats.

Glasurit 285-0 Transparent Sealer CV
Application notes
  • Adhesion promoter (refinish and sign-writing)
  • sealer (body filler patches, covering of sanding scratches)

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