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Glasurit 22 Line VOC

Glasurit 22 Line VOC


  • High solids content
  • Efficient
  • Outstanding weathering resistance
  • yellowing resistance
  • hardness
  • very good curing
  • very good gloss and build
Efficiency Made in Germany

Glasurit 22 Line VOC

Glasurit 22 Line and 22 Line VOC – The HS Topcoat System
A single paint layer is really all you need to obtain perfect application results using 22 Line high-solid topcoats. Their particularly high solids content gives these topcoats an outstanding hiding power. They have a reduced solvent content and a huge spreading rate. When it comes to application, they offer bodyshops genuine advantages in the form of first-rate flow and rapid drying properties. The 22 Line topcoat system has successfully proved itself on the market for more than 10 years. Glasurit 22 Line topcoats are perfectly integrated into the Glasurit RATIO HS System and, as a result, can be used particularly economically. And yet another advantage: using Glasurit 522-MC35 Mixing Clear and the 929-31, 929-33 and 929-34 VOC hardeners makes 22 Line VOC-compliant as defined by EU Directive 2004/42/EC!

Glasurit 22 Line VOC
Application notes
  • The 22 Line HS topcoats are economical, fast, simple and reliable.
  • Economical features: The low consumption of material is the result of: The product’s great hiding power; The good spreading rate of the ready-for-use mixture; Its ease of application; Excellent overspray absorption, good levelling and flow properties.
  • Ease of application: to work efficiently. 22 Line is easy to apply. The clearly-defined steps of the Glasurit RATIO HS System ensure a particularly efficient workflow. The product’s excellent curing properties mean that panels are easy to polish and are soon ready for assembly.
  • Speed: You save time:With application to vertical surfaces in 1/2 + 1 spraycoats without any flash-off time; With 22 Line’s excellent drying properties; By quickly making panels ready for assembly; By using the Glasurit Color Profi System Uni.
  • Safety: You benefit from Glasurit’s know-how. 22 Line HS topcoats are high-quality products and the core of the time-tested Glasurit RATIO HS System. Rapid and reliable colour identification is no problem if you use the Glasurit Color Profi System Uni.

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