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Glasurit 185-66 1K Filler

Glasurit 185-66 1K Filler


  • Can be used on old paintwork and sand-throughs
Efficiency Made in Germany

Glasurit 185-66 1K Filler

1K filler in the spray can, for the repair of vehicle paints, available in the grayscale versions 00, 02, 05 and 07. Filler preferred for through-fillers Filler for spot repair.

Glasurit 185-66 1K Filler
Application notes
  • 1K Filler supplied in an aerosol can for use in automotive refinishing, available in the gray shade variants 00, 02, 05 and 07
  • Filler for sand-throughs
  • Filler suitable for spot repair

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