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Glasurit 11-LE/11-E Multi-Effekt Bases

Glasurit 11-LE/11-E Multi-Effekt Bases


Efficiency Made in Germany

Glasurit 11-LE/11-E Multi-Effekt Bases

Small bottles, Huge effects.
The new Glasurit Multi-Effekt bases are general-purpose products and can be used in both Glasurit 90 Line and 55 Line basecoats. This means they can be used in the mixing formulas of the Glasurit basecoat systems.
Our Multi-Effekt bases are highly concentrated mixing bases with a particularly high effect pigment content. As a result, you need only a very small quantity to achieve the desired effect. The special measuring head on the bottle makes exact measurement extremely simple – and makes your work very accurate and economical. The individual bottles are handy and practical to use. The shelf that comes with the mixing bases ensures clear and tidy storage and is easy to attach to the mixing machine. In addition, “Limited Edition” colours are available for dealers. Thus, special colours can be mixed with the standard 55 and 90 Line basecoats by the dealer and can be purchased as ready-mixed colours.

Glasurit 11-LE/11-E Multi-Effekt Bases
Application notes
  • The individual vials are handy and practical in use. The accompanying shelf provides order and clarity. It can be easily attached to the mixing shelves.
  • Furthermore, a "Limited Edition" is available at dealer level. Special paints can be mixed with the standard base varnishes of the line 55 and 90 at the dealer and purchased as a finished color.

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