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Glasurit 1006-26 Up Spray Filler

Glasurit 1006-26 Up Spray Filler


  • High build
  • Very safe to spray
  • Can be sprayed in thick coats
Efficiency Made in Germany

Glasurit 1006-26 Up Spray Filler

Choose process reliability – with the perfect refinishing method for large-scale damage. Handling is easy and application is reliable. Glasurit 1006-26 UP Spray Filler stands out for its good sandability and good adhesion. It can even be applied on undamaged, solvent-resistant old paintwork, without priming.

Glasurit 1006-26 Up Spray Filler
Application notes
  • Strong team for large areas
  • Glasurit 1006-26 UP Spray Filler adheres to undamaged, solvent-resistant old paintwork without priming
  • 1006-26 can be used on all metallic substrates along with Glasurit 285-26 2K SF Primer and 929-26 SF Primer Hardener
  • High process reliability: Very good adhesion, Reliable results, Very good sandability
  • Reduction of edge marking: Reduces the risk of paint defects/reworks
  • Tried and tested system: Practice-tested and proven in a wide range of bodyshops.

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