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Glasurit Know-How

Qualified answers
for all of your questions.

What process steps do I have to follow when using Glasurit RATIO Spot Repair? At what temperature does the primer dry most efficiently? What spraying pressure is ideal?

Body shop managers, trainers and spray painters will find specific answers to these questions around the clock – on the new Glasurit Know-how online training platform.

Tight deadlines are the order of the day for body shops. That means that every task you perform has to be perfect. And if something should go awry, a solution has to be available right away.

Glasurit has developed an online platform that is a database and training center in one. Spray painters and body shop owners can use the Glasurit Know-how platform to find qualified answers to their questions right away.

The modern form of problem-solving and training.

The platform contains Glasurit’s collective knowledge about all aspects of the complex processes involved in automotive refinishing. The production information and technical data sheets are stored there as well.

The database focuses on quick solutions for everyday questions that arise in the body shop. Whether they concern spraying pressure, temperature, the distance to the object or the paint system, all of the processes are clearly explained and broken down into small steps.

Glasurit Know-how users can choose whether they prefer to read the information in an e-book or watch a training video. This means that they can always use exactly the medium they most prefer to find the answers to their questions.

24/7 support

Get access to Glasurit's collective knowledge in all aspects of the complex processes involved in automotive refinishing.

Numerous Tutorials

Watch easy to follow how-to videos with tips and tricks provided by Glasurit's technicians.

Simple step-by-step instructions

Find solutions for experienced users or train new employees or apprentices.

Free download

Get your hands on our free ebooks, covering everyday questions that arise in the body shop.

Language adaptations

Support in your language. Know-how compliments the services offered by our technicians and consultants in 45 Refinish Compentence Centers around the world.

Optimised for every screen

Glasurit is providing its users with a modern form of problem-solving and training optimized for today's mobile devices.