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Glasurit 100-MPT

Glasurit 100-MPT


  • 100-MPT – tintable
  • Waterborne, with
Efficiency Made in Germany

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Glasurit 100-MPT

Glasurit 100-MPT
100-MPT is a new and revolutionary Multi-Purpose-tintable product which allows you to paint new car parts in half the time. It can be used on all kinds of surfaces from XXX to XXX. With drastically reduced total process times of up to xx minutes and reduced material consumption of up to xx%, 100-MPT is a game changer. Tintable with all Glasurit 100-Line products, it’s suitable for application on new e-coated panels, old paintwork and for interior matt colored finishes. Perhaps most importantly, it allows you to reuse the leftovers of previous jobs rather than discarding it – creating a huge reduction in waste and overall costs.

Glasurit 100-MPT
  • With its extensive range of benefits, Glasurit 100-MPT offers your bodyshopeco-effectiveness and efficiency on a whole new level: Advantages:
  • Faster process time
  • Less material consumption
  • Use of leftover paint from previous mixes
  • Simplifying the process (less process steps, No need for interior system)
  • Excellent hiding power
  • Benefits to you:
  • Getting more jobs done in less time - net sales up
  • Eco-Effectiveness: VOC, leftover waste,
  • Less headache: Simpler, less products,
  • denibbing possible - great results
  • Tintable with 100-Line
  • 1. Mixed with tinters
  • 2. Ready-mix-material
  • 3. Ready-for-use-material
  • Use of leftover paint from previous mixes

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