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Glasurit 568-412 CV Thix Additive

Glasurit 568-412 CV Thix Additive


  • Улучшает сопротивляемость образоваию подтеков эмалей 68 Серии на деталях со сложной геометрией
  • Улучшенная укрывистость на торцах / болтах / заклепках и т.п.
  • 568-412 заменяет в смеси один к одному разбавитель 352-
  • Хорошая растекаемость и внешний вид
Efficiency Made in Germany

Glasurit 568-412 CV Thix Additive

When painting tippers, crane trucks and similar commercial vehicles, complex geometries are on the agenda. Corners and edges, weld seams, screws and rivets present a real challenge for painter and paint. Glasurit has developed an additive especially for this application area, the 568-412 CV Thix Additive, which optimizes the 68 Line CV topcoat system for these particular demands. The additive is added to the topcoat instead of the thinner. When thixotropy is obtained in this way, the paint can be applied as usual. Even the most complex geometries can be completely coated with the one-and-a-half spraying operations usual for 68 Line. For the painter, the use of the Thix Additive means a high degree of processing reliability. Moreover, the topcoat, in conjunction with the special additive, offers the same flow properties and ensures a painting result which has made 68 Line so successful around the world. With 568-412 Thix Additive, Glasurit is continuing to expand its successful CV topcoat system and is providing paint shops with an easy method of adjusting 68 Line flexibly to particular demands. 68 line with 568-412 is due to its slow evaporation rate suitable for large areas and vehicles, at higher temperatured 922-139 is recommend. For colors with less performance regarding edge covering apply one thin but covered spray coat, follow flash off time and a second spray coat. Follow recommended grey shade for colors to be applied.

Glasurit 568-412 CV Thix Additive
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