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Glasurit 523-15E Eco Balance Racing Additive

Glasurit 523-15E Eco Balance Racing Additive


  • Reduction of drying times
  • Improves surface drying and curing performance as well as tape resistance
  • No add of 523-15 Racing Additive in 285- Primerfiller
  • Filler at temperatures > 25°C possible, due to too short potlife.
Made in Germany ECO BALANCE

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Glasurit 523-15E Eco Balance Racing Additive

Glasurit 523-15E Eco Balance Racing Additive - THE TURBO PRODUCT FOR COSMETIC DAMAGE REPAIR
Get into turbo mode. Glasurit 523-15 Racing Additive shortens the drying times of VOC-compliant and solventborne standard clears by up to 30 percent. In addition, it optimises the refinish process, cuts energy costs and provides improved polishability – not only in the spot-repair process, but also when 1-2 individual vertical panels are being refinished. The use of 523-15 Racing Additive is also possible in selected 2K HS primer fillers, where it brings about time savings of up to 50 percent.

Glasurit 523-15E Eco Balance Racing Additive
Uwagi do aplikacji
  • The Eco version of Racing Additive accelerates drying thanks to improved initial and final drying and tape resistance.
  • Drying accelerator for Glasurit standard clears (VOC-compliant and non-VOC-compliant), 22 Line, 22 Line VOC, and 285- HS-Primerfiller / Filler

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