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Glasurit 522-55 Air-drying Primer Additive

Glasurit 522-55 Air-drying Primer Additive


  • Fillers are sandable after only 40 minutes at 20 °C
  • Saves energy costs
  • Frees up space in the spray booth and oven for other repair jobs
  • Plastic parts are guaranteed to retain their shape
  • Easy and safe application, because the additive replaces the thinner 1:1
Efficiency Made in Germany

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Glasurit 522-55 Air-drying Primer Additive

Would you like to design the processes in your body shop more flexibly and save energy costs at the same time? If so, Glasurit 522-55 Air Drying Primer Additive is the perfect solution for you. The new additive was developed as a turbo for the 500-family fillers and ensures that Glasurit HS 285-505 Primer Filler grey, -555 black and -655 white are sandable after just 40 minutes at 20 °C.

Glasurit 522-55 Air-drying Primer Additive
Uwagi do aplikacji
  • This offers a whole range of benefits for your body shop: You will save energy costs, can design your processes even more flexibly and use the space that is freed up in the spray booth and the oven for additional repair jobs and, in so doing, boost your productivity. The air-drying process is also ideal for refinishing plastic parts. Without oven or infrared drying, plastic parts are guaranteed to keep their shape. This makes the new drying turbo for the 500-family fillers an all-around success factor for your body shop.
  • Glasurit 522-55 Air Drying Primer Additive plus Glasurit 360-100 PRO Active Wipes
  • 522-55 + 360-100 = PRIMER SAVED
  • Body shops can save even more time and material by using the additive and the 500-family fillers in combination with Glasurit 360-100 PRO Active Wipes. Before you apply the primer filer with the additive, you only need to pretreat metallic substrates with the PRO Active Wipes. The pretreatment improves corrosion resistance and adhesion so well that it eliminates the need for primer. This process is not only easy and saves material; it also meets vehicle owners’ high standards for corrosion protection.
  • This means full corrosion protection with less material and time.

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