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Glasurit 90-M 4 Mixing Clear

Glasurit 90-M 4 Mixing Clear


Efficiency Made in Germany

Glasurit 90-M 4 Mixing Clear

Additive Glasurit 90-M 4 slow for 90 Line.
Quick-drying paints can optimize processes – but when the weather is hot, or at very low humidity levels, paint can dry too fast. To meet requirements in such cases, Glasurit has developed the additives Glasurit 90-M 4 Mixing Clear SLOW to ensure uniform refinishing results. At bodyshop temperatures of up to 45°C or very low humidity levels, bodyshops can replace 90-M 4 Mixing Clear with the new product 90-M 4 SLOW – and keep on working as usual. The new products also have another benefit. Thanks to the improved overspray absorption, they can also be used to refinish large areas. So when you plan to paint a large area, keep Glasurit 90-M 4 Mixing Clear SLOW in mind – and everything will go without a hitch.

Glasurit 90-M 4 Mixing Clear
Notes d’application
  • The new products have yet another positive benefit: they can also be used for the painting of larger surfaces due to the better spray mist absorption.
  • So think before painting large surfaces of Glasurit 90-M 4 mixed varnish LANG - then nothing can go wrong.

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