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Glasurit 100-MB 50 1L Blending clear

Glasurit 100-MB 50 1L Blending clear


  • Valor de VOC

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Glasurit 100-MB 50 1L Blending clear

Eleva la eficiencia de tu negocio - Glasurit Serie100

With Glasurit 100 Line, we have succeeded in producing a waterborne basecoat system for paints of unprecedented quality.

Due to its optimum processing properties, Glasurit 100 Line guarantees greatly reduced process times in the body shop.
Due to its outstanding color competence, it meets the repair requirements for every vehicle and every color.
At the same time, it has the lowest VOC value and is therefore the most sustainable paint line on the market.

Thus, Glasurit 100 Line enables you to produce highly efficient and at the same time environmentally friendly refinishing results. It is not without reason that Glasurit brand stands for perfect quality as well as social and ecological responsibility.

Stunning from every angle (Faster, smarter and easier than all the others)
· Highly efficient processes for easier, faster and more reliable work
· Convenient dosing of the basecoat colors due to their optimum consistency
· Fast application with very good hiding power and surface hardness
· Easy finishing for flawless overcoating and tape resistance for multi-color finishes

Elevate your business efficiency (Faster application - maximized profits)
· Simpler repair processes reduce complexity in the body shop
· Lower process times not only save time and energy, but also increase the throughput of vehicles / parts per day
· Efficient use of materials saves valuable material thanks to increased hiding power

Speed. Efficiency. Perfection. (Reduces process times and complexity)
· Extremely simple to use thanks to smooth paint and blend in processes
· Optimum balance of hiding power and process reliability with brilliant color matching
· Highly efficient 3-layer system is industry-leading due to short application, process and flash-off times
· Best technology with one of the longest product shelf life on the market

Color competence is in our nature (Brilliant pigments for a flawless finish)
· Use of cutting-edge pigment technology, prepared for the color variety of the future
· Excellent color stability, robust in the application and resistant to external influences
· Take the search for the right color to a new level with Glasurit RatioScan 12/6 for easyand precise identification and reproduction of millions of shades

The colorful way to be green (Keeping the environment beautiful)
· First basecoat line on the market with a VOC value · Pioneering: 40% below EU solvent limit - exceeds all global VOC requirements
· Lower emissions compared to other paint systems
· Highly effi cient due to extremely short flash-off times and low energy consumption

Glasurit 100-MB 50 1L Blending clear
  • La función de Blending Clear 100-MB 50 es optimizar la alineación de las partículas de efectos especiales en las áreas de mezcla.
  • Cuando se aplica la capa base en el área de mezcla, las partículas de efecto del exceso de pulverización se pueden alinear solo en un grado limitado. Para realizar esta función, se aplica Blending Clear 100-MB 50 con una mano húmeda seguida de una capa de acabado en el área de mezcla.
  • La reparación de difuminado con la capa base 100 Line se realiza directamente después en el Blending Clear 100-MB 50 húmedo.
  • La película húmeda permite una disposición óptima del exceso de pulverización de la línea 100 y la alineación óptima de las partículas de efecto. Blending Clear 100-MB 50 nunca se evapora hasta que se haya completado la reparación de difuminado con la Línea 100. El Blending Clear 100-MB 50 está listo para usar y no es necesario ajustarlo con un reductor separado. Simplemente agita el material antes de usarlo. Para las reparaciones de mezcla que deben realizarse con alta temperatura o baja humedad, se puede usar Blending Clear 100-MB 50X en lugar de 100-MB 50, siempre y cuando se use también X mezcla transparente y reductor con la capa base .

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