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Glasurit 923-335 HS Multi Clear VOC

Glasurit 923-335 HS Multi Clear VOC


  • High solids content
  • Safe to spray
  • Excellent flow and good levelling
  • outstanding appearance for high-quality automotive finishes.
  • The product stands out for fast drying,
  • excellent surface hardness,
  • polishing behaviour and tape resistance.
Efficiency Made in Germany

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Glasurit 923-335 HS Multi Clear VOC

A finish to satisfy even the most demanding customer.
This member of our VOC-compliant product family is also its crowning glory: 923-335 HS Multi Clear VOC. This clearcoat stands out thanks to its excellent flow properties. Its high gloss and excellent build guarantee a finished paint result that meets even the most exacting demands, thanks to an exceptionally brilliant topcoat. 923-335 HS Multi Clear VOC is extremely easy to apply using hardeners and blend-in reducers from the standard range and common sprayguns.

Glasurit 923-335 HS Multi Clear VOC
Application notes
Select hardener and reducer according to ambient temperature and size of object to be painted.

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