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Glasurit 801-715 CV EP primer filler

Glasurit 801-715 CV EP primer filler


  • suitable on many metal substrates
  • very good levelling
  • good filling properties
  • multi-purpose
  • outstanding corrosion protection
  • grey (greyshade 04), tintable with 568-408
  • overcoating with Line 68, 58, 90 CV PLUS or 55 Line
Efficiency Made in Germany

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Glasurit 801-715 CV EP primer filler

Class-leading corrosion protection for common substrates.
The 801-715 CV EP primer filler offers exceptional adhesion and superior corrosion protection on common substrates – especially on most aluminum types. It also features improved levelling and sagging resistance combined with faster
drying and sandability times. The CV EP primer filler provides the best performance. The combination of 801-715 CV EP primer filler with 965-715 CV EP Hardener and the CV EP Protective Additives 568-720 or 568-745 creates the best performing Epoxy primer filler package for all commercial vehicle applications.

Glasurit 801-715 CV EP primer filler
Application notes
  • Core benefits
  • · The CV EP primer fi ller saves process time thanks to its ability to sand and dry faster.
  • · Universal application with outstanding corrosion protection, even on aluminium.
  • · It is easy to understand which products can be used together, reducing waste.
  • · Perfect levelling.
  • · The grey color of 801-715 CV EP primer fi ller leads to a more stable appplication process.
  • CV EP Primer Filler 801-715
  • + CV EP Hardener 965-715
  • + CV Protective Additive EP Normal 568-720 / CV Protective Additive EP Slow 568-745

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