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Glasurit 58 Line HS 2K CV Chassis Topcoat

Glasurit 58 Line HS 2K CV Chassis Topcoat


  • suitable on all Glasurit CV primer filler and filler
  • good leveling
  • high efficiency
  • good hiding power
  • Excellent surface hardness
  • excellent UV resistance
  • Colors MB 7350 nova gray, MB 9124 chassis black, MAN 9011 black
Efficiency Made in Germany

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Glasurit 58 Line HS 2K CV Chassis Topcoat

A matt appearance, but a brilliant performance.
A high-quality topcoat with reduced gloss is often needed for coating chassis. These qualities are combined in Glasurit 58 Line HS 2K CV Chassis Topcoat. This product embodies the cutting-edge paint technology of 68 Line with all its advantages – but, of course, in matt. Glasurit has developed a matt version of 68 Line specially for coating chassis and containers that are to be given a reduced gloss finish: 58 Line topcoats. They are currently available in the colours MB 7350 novagrau (nova grey), MB 9124 chassisschwarz (chassis black), MAN 9011 graphitschwarz (graphite black) and 58-1250 (ralley black). Glasurit 58 Line HS 2K CV Chassis Topcoat carries conviction not only when it comes to hiding power and spreading rate - all the other merits of Glasurit 68 Line are provided in matt, too. 58 Line topcoats are just as VOC-compliant and scratch-resistant, UV-resistant and chemical resistant, as well as being fast drying and after drying tapeable, particularly reliable in application and exceptionally economical. Expect the best results! But in matt, of course.

Glasurit 58 Line HS 2K CV Chassis Topcoat

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