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A-C-30 Eco Balance clear coat, superior gloss

A-C-30 Eco Balance clear coat, superior gloss


  • Highly sustainable due to the Eco Balance approach
  • Ambient drying, easy-to-use clearcoat with best technological performance

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A-C-30 Eco Balance clear coat, superior gloss

Our most eco-friendly and advanced range of solutions.
Unprecedented quality, process speed and eco-effectiveness.

The new Glasurit AraClass is our most advanced range of products and solutions – delivering a unique combination of quality, process speed and eco-effectiveness. Industry-leading in every sense, AraClass offers a revolutionary new range of clear coats, accompanied by solutions designed to create the ultimate finish while still ensuring sustainability. As a result, all AraClass clear coats are ecoBalance products, certified for significant CO2 reduction. Highly efficient and innovative, AraClass is set to propel your business forward.

Innovation in a class of its own.

Glasurit AraClass is unlike any other paint system in the world. Every aspect of its creation has been refined to deliver innovations that drive profitability, whilst always ensuring eco-effectiveness.

Eco-effectiveness that really is effective
Creation with a conscience
Innovative performance
Delivering better and more sustainable profitability
The most advanced of everything

Leading the industry.

Glasurit AraClass products are unparalleled in the industry offering an innovative range of clear coats that deliver unprecedented quality, process speed
and eco-effectiveness.

A-C-30 Eco Balance clear coat, superior gloss
Application notes
With the A-C-32, Glasurit now offers a much anticipated ambient clearcoat that is especially well-suited for quick repairs. As a true all-rounder, it allows universal application from small panels up to complete repair jobs with fast air-drying and even faster baking times. Last but not least, the easy usage makes this product a must-have.

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