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A-B-13C Eco Balance cartridge body filler, universal

A-B-13C Eco Balance cartridge body filler, universal



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A-B-13C Eco Balance cartridge body filler, universal

Unprecedented quality, process speed and eco-effectiveness.

The new Glasurit AraClass is our most advanced range of productsand solutions – delivering a unique combination of quality, process speed and eco-effectiveness. Industry-leading in every sense,
AraClass offers a revolutionary new range of clear coats, undercoats and mixing clears, accompanied by solutions designed to create the ultimate finish while still ensuring sustainability. As a result, most AraClass products are ecoBalance products, certified for significant CO2 reduction. Highly efficient and innovative, AraClass is set to drive your business forward.

AraClass Undercoats. Sustainability runs in the family.

Choose the most sustainable undercoat range available with fast processes, low energy, air-drying solutions and unmatched Eco Balance certifications. Its direct-to-metal air-drying technology is a low-energy industry-first and creates a highly sustainable process. There’s also a complete UV range including primer fillers, UV primer filler spray and UV body filler for fast preparation times. Choose eco-friendly undercoats that create all-round better performance through both technical and efficiency improvements.

Ultra low energy
The latest air-drying, direct-to-metal technology makes your process more sustainable than ever before.

Super fast process
The fastest preparation process thanks to a complete family of UV products: Fillers, primer filler spray cans and UV body filler.

The highest efficiency
Our sanding filler and air-drying, direct-to-metal process solution mean you’ll be more efficient than ever before.

Always on trend
Work with the latest market trends such as low-density body filler and styrene-free body filler.

A-B-13C Eco Balance cartridge body filler, universal
Application notes
  • Effi cient, eco effective coarse and fine body filler
  • Fast drying, easy to sand and good adhesion
  • Available in 1.5 kg can and 1.5 kg or 3 kg cartridge

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