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Glasurit Scan2order - IT’S EASY: ORDER BY MOBILE PHONE


With the Glasurit Scan2order app, place your order easily and conveniently – whenever you want. Our new app for your smartphone or tablet makes ordering quicker and easier than ever! Just log in and use the search function to find the products you are looking for. Or use your bookmarks or scan the bar code on the product you want. Enter the quantity and press send. Your order will be on its way to you in a matter of minutes.

Easy and highly efficient – order digitally with Glasurit Scan2order.


Use any of the options below to download the app free of charge:

User interface adapts to the particular mobile device automatically.

Wherever you are, just pull out your cell phone and send off your order in a matter of minutes. Due to existing safety regulations, you have to accept a safety advice every time before use.


Three quick options for placing your order:

  • Scan the bar code
  • Use your favorites via the order history
  • Use the search function within the product portfolio
  • Prevents errors when placing the order
  • Streamlined ordering
  • Makes ordering processes available around the clock, seven days a week