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Dry at the speed of light. New innovative range of UV-A solutions for the entire repair process.

Glasurit, the premium refinish paint brand of BASF, introduces an innovative new range of UV-A products that cure faster, use less energy and produce less waste than current processes. Throughput is faster and the overall hardness, durability and chemical resistance is higher too. The diverse product range includes A-B-87 Body Filler, A-U-86 Primer Filler, A-U-87s Primer Filler and the new- A-C-80 Clear Coat – which completes the entire repair process. It all adds up to less CO2emissions with greatly increased productivity which Glasurit calls #EcoEffectiveness.

“Upgrade to a greener, faster bodyshop with Glasurit’s new and complete product range based on UV-A technology which provides a faster, cleaner and safer ways to complete repairs. UV-A offers up to 25% shorter curing times, so your jobs are done at the speed of light whilst actually reducing energy consumption,” said Mirko Arnold, Vice President - Global Technology Automotive Refinish Coatings BASF Coatings.

Saving energy with highly efficient repair processes

Glasurit‘s revolutionary UV-A solutions provide up to 25% quicker curing times than any other curing source used in bodyshops today. Added to this, UV-A technology offers better hardness, durability and chemical resistance when compared to conventional products. Additionally, there’s no need to mix hardeners into the products, adding an additional saving in time and money.

Exceptional eco-effectiveness

Overall, UV-A technology creates a huge reduction in VOC and CO2 emissions in the curing process – making it safer and easier for bodyshops to use and is far better for the environment.

Significantly increases speed

UV-A means you can now literally dry at the speed of light. Unlike oven and infrared drying, UV-A is incredibly fast and the curing process generates much lower surface temperatures.

Significantly reduces energy use

UV-A does not require high temperatures to cure a product, using on average 50% less energy on each paint job. This further reduces repair process times, as it vastly reduces the cooling phase and allows painters to move straight onto the next stage of the repair – increasing throughput by up to 40%. It also prevents plastic bumpers from deforming during the curing stage, due to the much lower surface temperatures.

Increased painter safety

UV-A technology enhances painter safety. UV curing lamps are fitted with a filter to block the UV-B and UV-C rays, so only UV-A wavelengths are emitted – the safest of the three wavelengths.