Training is the key to success

Knowing the perfect process is the key to achieving the most profitable results with our products and solutions. That’s why we create training sessions online or in our Refinish Competence Centers.
Technical training

Premium RCCs

Training in our Refinish Competence Centers (RCCs)

Glasurit is represented worldwide with its Refinish Competence Centers. We always strive for excellent quality – whether that’s in Asia or Europe, Chile or China. For this reason, Glasurit offers a global network of training centers giving bodyshops the opportunity to learn, train and perfect the skills required for the refinishing profession with Glasurit products. We offer facilities with state-of-the-art equipment, and trainers who’s knowledge is always cutting-edge. This means that local Glasurit trainers undergo regular instruction with our Global Trainers to take on the latest refinishing processes and paint technologies. This can then be introduced and practiced so that your refinishing is always at a premium level.


Offering blended training to our customers, dealers, OEM partners and bodyshops with our distribution partners

National trainers

Dedicated to deliver a global set of harmonized and consistent professional programs & events to help you grow


Per year have been trained in our RCC’s to use our solutions.

Online training in Refinity

Need a quick recap on a paint process or product? Want to learn a new skill or improve your body shop’s offering through certification? Whatever it is, our Refinity training module is here to help. Brush up on your skills – anywhere, anytime.

The Learning Library

  • Detailed information on process and products and business solutions

  • Immediate support for technical questions

  • 80+ tutorials and videos

  • Links to TDS and MSDS

The Learning University

  • Interactive eLearning modules and blended learning courses

  • Assessments and certificates

  • Training calendar hosting all kinds of training