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Vision360 Assured

Strengthen your competitive position, image, customer satisfaction and loyalty

The Vision360 Assured module is your guarantee of offering your custmers the best service possible. Vision360 Assured is a customer satisfaction and binding program that guides you to achieving specific standards of paint process quality, and staff qualification and certification.

Vision360 Assured offers these benefits:

Strengthened bodyshop competitiveness
Standardised skills, process and equipment for group repairers
Enhanced customer satisfaction
Improved bodyshop sales

All Vision360 modules are led by Glasurit's strong team of Vision360 specialists and subject matter experts in advanced bodyshop management both in the region and in each country where the program is offered. Every team member brings years of industry experience and business success with them.

Take advantage of Glasurit® Vision360 advanced busines solutions today and see:

Increased efficiency and productivity
Improved quality and customer satisfaction
Optimised costs and profitability


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