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Glasurit 100-MPT

Glasurit 100-MPT


  • Waterborne, with
Efficiency Made in Germany

Glasurit 100-MPT

Glasurit 100-MPT - Paint your car parts twice as fast.
100-MPT is a new and revolutionary Multiple-Purpose Tintable product which allows you to paint new car parts in half the time compared to the standard process. With reduced total process times of up to 50%* and reduced material consumption of up to 19%*, 100-MPT is a game changer. Added to 100 Line, 100-MPT is suitable for application on new e-coated panels, old paintwork and for interior matt coloured finishes. What's more, it allows you to reuse paint leftover from previous jobs - the result is a huge reduction in waste and lower overall costs.

Glasurit 100-MPT
Application notes
  • Increase your eco-effectiveness footprint by reducing waste, time and money. With its game-changing approach, Glasurit 100-MPT's waterborne technology offers your bodyshop effectiveness and efficiency on a whole new level: Your advantages: Faster process for new spare parts & interiors
  • Lower consumption
  • Less waste using leftovers from previous mixes
  • Less VOC
  • Your benefits: Increase your throughput and revenues
  • Reduce your material cost
  • Reduce your disposal costs
  • Protect the environment

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