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Introducing Vision 360

Introducing Vision 360

Vision360 is a suite of professional services designed to help you create greater efficiencies, productivity, profitability and sustainability.

Unleash your business' potential.

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Is your bodyshop performing as well as it could? Are you exceeding the expectations of every customer who walks through your door? Are you prepared to react to industry trends as fast as your competitors? Are you seeing your profits grow consistently every year?

We can help you unleash your business' potential wtih Vision360Advanced Business Solutions, a suite of professional services specifically designed for Glasurit® customers.

The Glasurit® Vision360™ program adds value to your business every day. It offers a set of innovative modules designed to improve the processes and overall performance of bodyshops that use the comprehensive Glasurit portfolio of paint systems for refinishing vehicles. The program's systematic and hands-on approach helps bodyshop owners understand the options they have that can grow their operations into successful, sustainable and profitable businesses.

The Glasurit Vision360 program has been designed with flexibility. Experienced Vision360ABS experts provide tailor-made solutions for you based on your business PI review outcomes.

The foundation of the program is Vision360Consult. Depending on your needs and objectives, you can follow it up with one, two or all three of these suites:

  • Process Optimisation
  • Proficiency
  • Assured

Vision360 TEAM

All modules are led by Glasurit's strong team of Vision360specialists and subject matter experts in advanced business management both in the region and in each country where Vision360 is offered. Every team member brings years of industry experience and business success with them, and they are well prepared to help you take your business to the next level. Our people are committed to help you achieve your business goals.

Take advantage of Glasurit Vision360 Advanced Business Solutions today and get:

  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  •  Improved quality and customer satisfaction
  • Optmised costs and profitability
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For example: Save thousands by repairing a leak in the compressed air system.

In many bodyshops, you can hear hissing everywhere. Every drain in the compressed air system is left slightly open, and leaky hoses and couplings are more than likely. A mere 1mm leak at approximately 13 bar can result in 130 litres of air lost every single minute. The compressor runs 24/7 (even on the weekend) and that single leak could costs thousands a year.


Over time, even well-organised bodyshops can experience minor deficits. That's why it's a good idea to have a Bodyshop Audit performed on a regular basis.

It not only allows you to systematically document the changes and improvements you have made to your workflows. With each audit you will also further increase the efficiency of your shop, because experience has shown that over time, minor deviations tend to creep back in.

You will easily identify and understand the potential for improvement thanks to our detailed report that is tailored to your needs. With each Bodyshop Audit, you will benefit from the experience and competence we have gathered in our many years of cooperation with bodyshops – and will boost your bodyshop's efficiency in the process.

*Oliver Cromwell, English statesman and military leader

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