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Automotive paint colours

Looking for the perfect refinish colour? You'll find it in a flash thanks to Glasurit's unique colour competence Whether it's automotive refinish products, commercial vehicle paints or classic car paints, our conventional and digital solutions for colour take bodyshops to the right colour quickly and reliably.

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To make efficient colour identification easier, we have developed a series of coordinated tools, ranging from conventional colour tools to fully digital solutions for the networked mixing room. Regardless of which route or which combination you choose – our tools will take you to the perfect refinish colour easily, quickly and reliably.

Digital colour identification

Glasurit Profit Manager: The colour management system
The Profit Manager is the basis for colour identification with Glasurit, offering features such as a simple database search as well as the Glasurit Color Online colour database, the integration of the conventional colour tools and the connection to the Glasurit RATIO Scan spectrophotometer.

Colour measurement – with Glasurit RATIO Scan
The wide range and complexity of the colours makes colour identification increasingly difficult. That takes up valuable working time. Glasurit's RATIO Scan II is the solution. The portable spectrophotometer measures the colour precisely and takes you to the desired mixing formula, quickly and easily. NEW: Glasurit's new Glasurit RATIO Scan 12/6 spectrophotometer is a refinement of Glasurit RATIO Scan II – and is a quantum leap for your colour identification.

Finding a colour code – with Glasurit Color Online
Over the course of some 130 years of company history and thanks to excellent relationships with vehicle manufacturers, we have compiled the world's largest colour database – from the original colours from the automobile's infancy up to current OEM colours including countless variations and customer-specific service mixing formulas. You have access to the entire global mixing formula database which is updated daily for all passenger car and commercial vehicle colours of all vehicle manufacturers. (see also OEM approvals).

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Ratio Scan 12/6

Conventional colour identification

Colour retrieval – with the Glasurit Color Profi System
The Glasurit Color Profi System (CPS) is a sophisticated system of colour chips coated with original paint. The front of the chip shows the respective colour as a spray-out, while the back features the barcode and colour code the spray painter can use to find the corresponding mixing formula for the colour on the computer.

Truck colours – Glasurit Colour Truck Guide
The Glasurit Colour Truck Guide is the efficient colour identification solution for commercial vehicles. It is a collection of all colours from all commercial vehicle manufacturers, displayed on a colour swatch. 

Colour adjustment charts – practical overview for all mixing bases
Pictograms next to the individual mixing bases provide information on the colour group, colour bias, face view and side view as well as on purity and chroma. The separate Multi-Effekt colour adjustment chart makes visual assessment of mixing bases easier with its large colour chips.

Grey shade concept – easily match the filler colour to the basecoat
With the grey shade concept by Glasurit, bodyshops can match the filler colour with the basecoat in the best possible way – thus saving up to 40 percent basecoat with the matching grey shade.

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Classic Car Colours

Classic Car Colours – colour expertise for classic cars
With our Glasurit Classic Car Colours services, we advise and support you with vintage paints and finishes – from the colour search of the world's largest colour library to the network of specialised bodyshops.

Young- & Oldtimer lackieren - Karosserie 2 | Glasurit
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Look to the future of automotive paint colours

With us, you will be in an excellent position for the future as well. The BASF Colour Design Studios in Europe, North America and Asia track the colour trends and develop new trend colours for car manufacturers around the world. As BASF brand, we are close to the development of new colours and special effect colours – and as the first vehicles leave the factory with a new colour, we already have the suitable refinish solution available for you.