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Glasurit 283-1870 CV-Multi-Wash

Glasurit 283-1870 CV-Multi-Wash


  • Excellent adhesion and corrosion protection
  • Good flow
  • For multifunctional use (2-stage and 3-stage systems)
  • One product for all metallic substrates
Efficiency Made in Germany

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Glasurit 283-1870 CV-Multi-Wash

Glasurit 283-1870 CV-Multi-Wash - FLEXIBLE, EFFICIENT
Short flash-off times, flexible options for use and excellent corrosion protection all make Glasurit 283-1870 CV-Multi-Wash a true
all-around talent. It provides reliable corrosion protection for aluminum, steel and galvanized add-on parts. At the same time, it can
be used flexibly for applications ranging from cosmetic repair to complete original coating, both in a 2-stage system for efficient
refinishing and in a 3-stage system for high-end results. And best of all, with a flash-off time of only 30 minutes at room temperature,
it keeps the process short and ensures efficient workflows in your body shop.

Glasurit 283-1870 CV-Multi-Wash
  • CV-Multi-Wash can be used in both 2- or 3-stage systems:
  • - on steel, galvanized steel, aluminum
  • - on buses
  • - on aluminum dumpers/tippers and box-type vehicles
  • - on flat-bed trucks
  • - on bulk powder and liquid tankers

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