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“He who stops being better stops being good.”* To ensure that you keep getting better, your Glasurit Consultant helps you identify potential for savings and development in your bodyshop. During the Bodyshop Audit, your Glasurit Consultant will examine all aspects of the painting process with a fine-tooth comb, including the technical equipment, the products you use and your employees’ level of training. Afterwards, he or she will work with you to establish a plan of action for saving steps and costs. For instance, eliminating a leak in the compressed air system can save up to €1,000 per year. Or you can boost your efficiency by investing in a workshop trolley, which can provide your business with the capacity it needs to complete other jobs.

It pays to have a Bodyshop Audit carried out regularly. Experience has shown that even in well-organized businesses, small defects can creep in. With every Bodyshop Audit, you will benefit from the experience and competence we have gathered in years of cooperating with bodyshops. This will enable you to boost the efficiency of your bodyshop.

*Oliver Cromwell, English statesman and military leader

A full check-up of your bodyshop

The gateway to more profit.

Are you sure that work in your paintshop flows smoothly? Do all operations add up to form an efficient whole? When we do a Bodyshop Audit, we go through your shop with a fine-tooth comb to uncover any potential for savings and growth that might be hidden in your workflow.

If you wish to increase the efficiency of your shop, the Bodyshop Audit will show you where to start. In the audit, a bodyshop expert will systematically examine all the technical areas of your shop, starting with the products and equipment you use, going on to your workflow and ending with the training level of your staff.

You will profit from the knowledge and experience we have gained from the analyses and process optimisation projects we have already completed.

We also recommend that you have the Bodyshop Audit done regularly to systematically document the changes and improvements you have made to your workflows. In this way, each audit can further increase the efficiency of your shop because unavoidable minor deviations from the action plans previously set up will be detected at an early stage.

In addition, the Bodyshop Audit can provide valuable information on how supplementary Glasurit RATIO Concept Plus modules may be able to raise the performance level of your shop even further.

GLASURIT Bodyshop Audit – and its 
real advantages for you

It pays to have a Bodyshop Audit carried out regularly. Experience has shown that even in a well organised operation small defects always creep in over a period of time - even little mistakes in refinish processes, lack of knowledge of new products, techniques or services, all of which which could further increase the efficiency of the business.


A bodyshop expert will spend one day in your shop and will use checklists and electronic means of analysis to examine and document the technicalequipment and workflow present in the shop. What you have to do is decide whether you want to have all or only some selected parts of your shop analysed.

We will provide you with recommendations on where you can increase the efficiency of your shop for all the areas we examine. You agree an action plan with us about how to make your working methods and techniques more efficient.


efficiency circle

By putting the improvement proposals into practice, you can make work easier and distances to walk shorter for your staff and also save time and money. Feedback meetings will help you stay on track.

The Bodyshop Audit is a globally accepted method that can help further to optimise all the technical processes in your shop at regular intervals. To achieve more efficiency, and more profit too.


GLASURIT Bodyshop Audit – The Efficiency tip

In many paint shops you’ll hear hissing everywhere. The fact is every drain in the compressed air system can easily be left opened and leaky hoses and couplings are more than likely. Just a 1mm leak at approximately 13 bar can result in 130 litres of air lost every single minute. The compressor is running around the clock (even at the weekend) and that single leak could cost up to a 1,000 Euros per year.