Glasurit Color OnlineThe quick and easy way to
find the matching colour.

Internet mixing formula database,
updated regularly, for the car and commercial vehicle colours of all vehicle brands.

Color Online is the up-to-date and comprehensive colour information tool of the Internet age. This way you may access the entire global mixing formula database which is updated regularly. A clear structure and flexible search options make querying extremely easy.

Search results are displayed neatly to ensure simple selection of the correct colour or colour variant, including the corresponding colour chips. In addition, service mixing formulas can be accessed and formulas for accessory parts, bumpers, etc. are directly available.

Easy access to online information for mixing formulas.

More options, more information, and more results. The online database offers detailed information on more than hundreds of thousands mixing formulas for the original colors of all car manufacturers. It's available twenty-four hours a day from anywhere in the world.


As a component of the Glasurit RATIO Color System, for years now Color Online has been a well-known and proven tool for quickly and effortlessly finding mixing formulas. On the website, paint shops can find all the information they need to reliably determine color variants and mix them precisely.

The complete overhaul of the online service was not just cosmetic, however. In addition to redoing the graphical user interface, when it comes to content, Color Online's performance has been considerably expanded as well. The upgrade includes a number of points that make Color Online a tool that refinish pros can't imagine doing without.

Color Online displays all the results neatly and clearly: the mixing formulas in grams or liters, the price category, information on the frequency of this variant, all cross-references to the associated color chips in the Glasurit Color Profi Systems and many other important details. The database is updated regularly and provides mixing formulas for all Glasurit 22, 55, 68 and 90 basecoat lines. It's also easy to select properties such as "lead-free" and "VOC compliant".