Glasurit Color Truck GuideHelpful. Time-saving. Indispensable.

Collection of all colours of all commercial vehicle manufacturers, displayed on a colour swatch.
The Color Truck Guide is the color tool for commercial vehicles. The display of colour groups on the swatches is particularly helpful for fast orientation.

The Glasurit Color Truck System colour documentation comprises 3000 colour chips grouped into 10 swatches. The classification of the colours is logically organised; and the system is easy to understand and to use since the colours are subdivided into standard colours (e.g. RAL, BS or ANFOR), OEM colours and fleet colours. In this way, each colour is allocated to a colour group according to its practical application. The colour samples feature a high-quality 2-component polyurethane finish and their colour is based on colorimetric measurements. During creation and production of the colour tool, much care was taken for exact colour accuracy. In addition, the Reference List and mixing formulas are constantly updated to adapt to changing markets.


You can work with the Color Truck System in one of two ways: in one option, you can start from an MFR or OEM code, whilst in the other alternative you can base your choice on direct comparison of the colour chips with the vehicle – in either case, your work will proceed rapidly and reliably, and you can be sure of obtaining the best result.